Welcome to AirSecure

AirSecure is a leading developer and integrator of advanced Remotely Piloted Aircraft System solutions for the Agricultural, Security and Surveying industries on the African continent. From monitoring and early detection of crop disease to livestock security and extended range geo-mapping projects, AirSecure has the long range/endurance platforms for efficient, clean and quiet completion of the task.

 Precision Agriculture

Using multispectral cameras on our aircraft, we can build maps representing vegetation health (NDVI) to enable early corrective treatment. One picture can quickly expose problem areas not visible to the naked eye. This is especially effective in the early life of the crop. This data used in precision farming operations such as:


• Monitoring and early detection of crop disease – makes precision application of pesticides possible.
• Water Management – no more wasting of precious water resources with efficient irrigation.
• Soil and fertilizer management – identification and treatment of problem areas.


Maximize your yield while reducing environmental impact.


Our aircraft are capable of mapping from 100ha to 10 000ha in a single flight, depending on resolution required.




 Aerial Security Surveillance

Being built for long range and endurance and equipped with a high quality thermal imager and live video streaming to the ground station makes us an integral part of any security initiative. Aerial surveillance at night over a wide range with rapid deployment brings an eye in the sky to teams fighting crime, poaching and stock theft in rural and agricultural areas. Gather real-time intelligence about the location of perpetrators or sound the alarm overhead a threatening situation – abilities no one wants to be without.


Utilising our custom camera gimbals, we are able to provide effective aerial monitoring solutions. These include 360-degree pan and tilt cameras on a stabilised platform, multi-sensor, zooming and more. In addition to the pilot camera, our standard optical systems interface allows for a range of gimbals and cameras. Gimbals can be quickly changed on the ground thanks to a single unified connector. The system can also support third party cameras and gimbals using an adapter.


The following systems are available:

• Stabilised day / low light camera with pan & tilt and 27x optical zoom

• FLIR Thermal Sensor fitted to a pan & tilt gimbal and electronic zoom

• Stabilised HD zoom camera with pan & tilt

• Horizontally stabilized, high resolution mapping camera

• Horizontally stabilized, Near Infrared (for NDVI)

• Horizontally stabilized animal monitoring system (still & HD video)


The on-board link can be configured as two video concurrent feeds or a single feed, switchable remotely between 4 camera sources.



 Game Farming

Using the AirSecure RPAS as platform, game farmers can now improve their management practices by aerial counting of game, locating herds, fence patrol, long range radio tags and aerial surveillance of your precious endangered species day or night using the on-board HR video or thermal imager.