About Us

AirSecure forms part of RFID-Experts. We have several years of experience in applied fixed wing UAV development and are supported by our highly skilled engineers and support staff.


AirSecure strives to be a centre of excellence in the development and manufacturing of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems as a platform for specific applications. Our aircraft ranges from the small easy to use S2 to the large very long range and robust W32 capable of up to 3 hours’ endurance and live video feeds from up to 100km away.


A very important part of our development is to ensure that our products can cope with the demanding environment of Africa. To this end we have hardened our airframes, landing gear and ground stations to tolerate wear and use that would normally damage other systems. Only after testing our equipment in the field day after day over hundreds of missions were we able to apply practical, effective measures.


We have built up a range of industry-beating products, including video controllers, highly effective antennas, redundant power supply units and more so that our customers can benefit from an enhanced product and service.


We continuously add more capabilities to the list and have a dedicated team working on research and further development.